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Reality is but one mind's perception.

...and I'm here to learn the lessons I missed in past lives.

27 September 1983
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Hmm. . .what to say. I was born on an Air Force Base and have lived all over the continental United States due to my father's military career. He has since retired and moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. As of December 2006, I finished my Bachelor's of Science Degree. As of August 2007 I relocated to Huntsville, Alabama for a job. I got married in December 2008. I lost my job in July 2009, and I am about to lose the marriage as well. I just never know what life will do next. Its exciting but scary. I know whatever happens I will pull through as a better person from all of it.

As for my personality, I am blunt, brutally honest, somewhat of a bitch depending on how I view you, and loyal as a dog to those I consider friends. I have serious trust issues with most people, thanks to the corruption of a few. I am a very determined person, what I set my mind to is /mine/. Oh, and if you have drama, take it elsewhere. SERIOUSLY.

I have an ESTJ personality type as defined by the Meyers-Briggs test. I read all the stuff about ESTJ and yeah, it fits me like a glove. There is always room for improvement though :)

A few other things: I hurt people's feelings with my sharp tongue, I have to fight the tendency to want to control people/situations, and I either don't care at all, or I care too much. My thoughts I share easily, but my feelings are much harder to extract from me. I suffer from the "Oyster Complex" a term my mother uses to describe someone with a hard exterior and a soft interior. This is evident in my soft-heartedness toward animals, especially in the way I spoil my pets, which currently consist of two older than hell gerbils who are slowly expiring, 5 tarantulas 3 of which I plan to sell when they are full grown. I only wanted two of them, one cockatiel named Skippy who is my good friend but sometimes annoying, and two fish tanks.

To sum me up: I'm unique, just like everyone else.

"He who has trusted where he ought not, will surely mistrust where they ought not" Marie von Ebner
"Fight your demons while they're little folks. If you don't, they'll grow up to be monsters. Then you'll never lick them" Dundas Shoals, A Hole in the World by Sid Hite

Warcraft Chicks

But I think that the Alliance is for the weak.

Warcraft Chicks